What is Project?

What is a Project and how it differs from routine work?

Project is a one time effort to meet an objective or produce an intended result with a specific start and finish time. A project has limitations of budget, resource and performance specifications.

Project Management Institute (PMI) defines a Project as:

“A project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”

Some real life examples of projects

  • Construction of a house or building
  • Developing a software
  • Developing a new version of Apple iPhone

Main features of projects

Main features are:

  • Has an objective
  • Has a beginning and end time
  • Participation of team members from different departments
  • Usually doing something not done earlier; Sometimes it can be an upgrade of some existing thing
  • Time, cost and performance are specified

Difference between Projects and Routine work


project vs routine work

Developing iPhone X was a project whereas routine manufacture of iPhone X is a repetitive work.

A project:

  • Is different from repetitive, daily, routine work
  • Is done only once
  • A new product or service is the outcome of a successful project

Repetitive or routine work involves doing similar work again and again.

Difference between Project and Program

A program is a group of related projects to achieve a goal.

For example, completing a single course in computer science is a project whereas completing all courses for a graduate degree in computer science is a program.

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