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    Have you ever wondered what are the courses you study in an Operations Management program at a college or university? This video gives the answer.

    What courses do you study in an Operations Management program?
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    Operations Management is a vast field and duties of Operations Managers are numerous. So there are a number of job titles in Operations Management. These are some of the typical job titles in Operations/ Supply Chain Management.

    Job Titles in Operations Management
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    Value Chain consists of all activities involved in creating a product or delivering a service. Value Chain of a goods manufacturer is explained visually in a simple way in this video.

    Value Chain made simple visually
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    Inventory is any item held for future use or sale. Inventory is one of the main topic in Operations and Supply Chain Management. This video explains different types of inventory in simple terms - raw materials inventory, work-in-process inventory and finished goods inventory.
    Different Types of Inventory
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    This video explains different types of costs in manufacturing. Various costs in managerial accounting like prime costs, conversion costs, total manufacturing costs, product costs and period costs are shown visually in simple words.

    Different Types of Costs in Manufacturing
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    The business of supplying products to customers consists of a large chain of events. This chain of events is called supply chain. Supply Chain Management manages the flow of goods, information and finances on this network.

    What is Supply Chain Management?
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    Creation of goods and services is called production. Operations Management is applicable to both goods and service industries.

    Operations Management in Goods and Services
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    Difference Between Pandemic and Epidemic
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    Air Asia is the leading and largest low cost airline in Asia. Their Competitive Advantage is "low cost". To know how Air Asia achieves this, please watch the video.

    How Air Asia achieve their Competitive Advantage as Asia's largest low-cost airline?
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    Reduce Mental Stress and Anxiety while StayHome


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